Your family, friends, hopes and dreams are right here in the community.

So is Southeast Global Bank.

We’re neighbors. And we share the same hopes and dreams.
Always have. Always will.

Since our start with a single teller window back in 1999, we’ve known what was important – helping the people of our community succeed.

That’s a lot easier when you live and work in the same community as your customers. After all, we share a lot more than a bank; we share experiences. Our kids go to school together. We shop in the same stores. We drive the same roads. We care about where we live and want to see good things happen here.

At Southeast Global Bank, our tellers and managers take the time to get to know you and your needs. We want to hear about your plans to build the perfect house or take that dream vacation or open a business. We want to know how you’re doing and how we can help.

And that’s as true today as it was some years ago. Yes, we’ve grown into a regional bank with nine locations. We’ve more than weathered the ups and downs of the decades – we’ve thrived through responsible management and leadership. And we’ve innovated with the times, adding products, services and technologies that have allowed us all to grow.

And while that may sound big and grand, one thing will never change – you can still walk into any branch and find people who live in your community, who greet you with a smile, and who care about you and what you need.

Eighty years later, we’re still the community bank you know and trust. The bank that’s modern in its offerings but traditional in its philosophy. That bank that’s stable, strong and motivated. The bank that still asks the most important question in the most courteous way — what can we do for you today?